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Watchmen Spinoffs At DC Comics?

There has always been talk of DC Comics taking the Watchmen property and creating prequels and spinoff titles. A while back I even asked co-creator and illustrator Dave Gibbons if that was ever a real possibility.

Watchmen is a finite story, it was ever only conceived as that. There were some suggestions, about twenty years ago, that maybe there could be things like “Rorschach's Journal” or “The Comedian’s Vietnam War Diary,” which I think almost as soon as they were suggested, it was realized that probably wasn’t a good idea.

But now it seems that there are some rumblings over at DC Comics, and the idea of Watchmen spinoff titles seem to be one step closer to reality — or are they?

The supposed scoop comes from an article by Rich Johnston on Bleeding Cool that explains that DC Comics Senior VP and Executive Editor Dan DiDio, who recently replaced Paul Levitz as head honcho, “is determined to impress new bosses by building on DC’s biggest selling comic book of all time with multiple prequel comic miniseries and spinoff ongoing projects.”

Apparently Watchmen creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons would have to be given first right of refusal on any of these new DC “pet projects,” but the likelihood of their involvement in such endeavors is none to absolutely never.

Moore's stance on any Watchmen related project has been “count me the fuck out” for a long time. Recently he “spit venom” on Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie and doesn't even want to discuss the original work anymore with the press as well.

And even though Dave Gibbons worked as a consultant on the movie, the motion comics, and the video game based on the movie (which was actually written by Watchmen editor Len Wein), I can't see any reason he would work on any new comic spinoffs unless it was penned by Moore himself. Seriously, what would he have to gain?

So who would write and illustrate these sacrilegious volumes? According to the article, DiDio “has been sounding out people who might be willing to take on the task.” Really? What self-respected comics professional would fart in both Moore's and Gibbons's general direction, then write something that both fans and industry experts say should never be written? It would be career suicide. Even on the off chance that what was written ended up up being pretty good, the writer would always be know as “the douchebag that did the sequel to Watchmen.”

Let's face it — the prospect of a Watchmen sequel has very few winners. The fans lose, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons loses, the hacks that pick up the Watchmen gauntlet to create it lose. The only winners could be DC Comics as, no matter what form these Watchmen spinoffs take, they will undoubtedly be bought by fans. Fans who will be too damn curious to not see what shape the devil takes between their pages. But in the end DC will lose as well. They will lose respect — especially DiDio. Which is why, in the end, I can't see this happening.

But if by some sheer evil twist of fate it does happen it will only reinforce the old Watchmen axiom — Nothing Ends. Nothing ever ends.

2.3.10 Source: Bleeding Cool

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