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A familiar Watchmen extra is back and spilling details of a pivital Dr. Manhattan scene shot on location

You just can’t shut this extra up! She spilled the beans on some Rorschach scenes in her first and second reports, which broke on the Comic Related Web site, and now “Cassandra Faust” has the skinny on a Dr. Manhattan scene that was shot on the Burnaby campus of BCIT.

The scene she describes comes right from the pages of the graphic novel and depicts Dr. Manhattan being interviewed on a television talk show. According to Faust, the set looked pretty good.

The rows of seats, the vintage cameras and monitors aimed at the spartan (no pun intended, Mr. Snyder) set with its two chairs in front of a large sign that read: FACE TO FACE WITH DR. MANHATTAN – it was perfect! And when the actors playing the reporters took their places amongst us, they were right in the spots they occupy in the novel. The scene was coming to life almost exactly as it had been drawn.

Faust continues to discuss the scene and gives us a taste of what Billy Cruddup’s performance of the Dr. Manhattan character will be like when we get to see it on the big screen.

Cruddup gives a reserved yet captivating performance in the scene. He invests Manhattan with a voice possessed with a Hal 9000 dreaminess as the doctor tries his best to answer the early questions. Also, his physicality is very restrained. He sits in the chair as sedately as a ‘God’ should and yet conveys just the right amount of concern and unease when Roth starts into him.

Roth, for those of you who may not know, is Doug Roth the Nova Express reporter that interviews Adrain Veidt in some of the supplemental material in the graphic novel, and the individual who gives the grilling that prompts Dr. Manhattan’s biggest emotional outburst of the story.

Faust also talks about some interesting differences in the filmed scene from the one in the graphic novel, most importantly the switch of the original talk show host, Benny Anger to real world anchor man Ted Koppel. Faust even mentions that the actor playing Koppel “is wearing enough prosthetics to be the man’s twin.” She also described that some plot points that were handled separately in the graphic novel were being merged into this talk show scene, but “out of respect for the filmmakers” she wasn't going to discuss any details.

She also talked about one determined individual who also present on set during filming.

He was a fan who pressured the casting department to let him work on the film, finally agreeing to do it for free just to be part of it. And this guy had to drive 3 hours up from Washington State! Sadly he got into a minor traffic accident on the way back the next morning and missed the second day of shooting.

Now that’s a die-hard fan with a lot of free time. For more details on this Watchmen extra’s time on the set, read the complete article on the Comic Related Web site. And if there are any other extras out that who feel like sharing, you know where to find me!

Source: Comic Related

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