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Exclusive Watchmen Photos

The Watchmen movie press junket is going on this week and was there.

Yes, I saw the film, and no, I'm not allowed to say anything about it until the 6th when the film opens across the U.S. What I will say is — it didn't suck.

Keep your eyes open on this site for brand new interviews with the cast and crew over the next few days.

Until then, here are some exclusive up close photos of some costume details, as well as some fantastic props which we managed to get before the exhibit was even set up.

Yes, I even got the privilege of handling some of these this before they were locked away in the display case. Enjoy.

TIME magazine cover

Veidt brochure and Gunga Diner menu

The New Frontiersman

Crimebusters meeting photo

Smiley badge

Rorschach's journal and Nite Owl II gadgets

Nite Owl II's laser and The Comedian's smiley badge, cigar and lighter

Rorschach's grappling gun

Rorschach costume

Nite Owl II's belt

Comedian badge

Ozy's nipples

Ozy's nipples

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