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The Watchmen Motion Comic

In May 2008, the New York Times reported that Warner Bros. plans on releasing about a dozen 22 to 26 minute webisodes to help make the complex story of Watchmen easier for the uninitiated to digest.

Since then, was shown a teaser trailer for these webisodes by a source who wishes to remain anonymous. From what we saw these webisodes are going to be really well done.

The series of webisodes, which will be titled Watchmen: A Digital Graphic Novel, will be less like a slide show of original comic panels and more of the comic book “brought to life” with rudimentary animation techniques.

The teaser is simply a conglomeration of different scenes from the comic book given motion and set to dramatic orchestral music. In order to animate the comic, the production team has apparently dissected the elements from each panel that they wanted to move — such as a cloud or a character — and animated it in front of a restored or “filled in” background.

For example — they animated the iconic comic panel that shows The Comedian’s funeral from above to not only have falling rain and lightning, but wind that realistically blows the coats and clothing of the mourners surrounding the open grave. In another, Ozymandias sits in front of his monitor bank — each commercial and T.V. program on the screens in motion — scratching the back of his pet Bubastis’ head. For lack of a better way to describe the trailer, it’s like you’re watching an episode of Watchmen: The Animated Series.

So many other scenes from the comic are shown in the teaser including Nixon in front of the nuclear war casualties map, Dan and Laurie’s romantic moments by the pool at Karnak, Dr. Manhattan raising his glass palace from the Martian surface, Rorschach walking the streets of Manhattan in the rain, and many others.

Now don’t expect full-blown animation here, but expect to be pretty impressed by the motion effects they have managed to pull off. It’s about as good as the animation in the cult movie Heavy Metal, which isn’t bad considering they only had artwork from the comic to work with.

The trailer, which was about two and a half minutes long, had a caption stating that the webisodes will debut in 2008, but no specific date was revealed.

UPDATE: If you are looking to download episodes of the Watchmen Motion Comics, please head on over to the Watchmen Motion Comics page of this Web site where you can download episodes from iTunes and

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