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Voting Underway for Watchmen Ad Contest

Back in April, a contest was unveiled for the Watchmen movie where fans could create a “Veidt Enterprises” commercial that would have a chance to appear in the film itself.

Well the deadline to submit entries has passed and the finalists have been announced. Like any contest, there were a ton of entries — and most were pretty bad — but I think Snyder and WB did a good job of picking the finalists.

The contest had fans create advertisements for billionaire Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias, whose massive commercial empire becomes apparent through advertisements which appear all over the pages of the original comic series.

Snyder posted information about the contest on YouTube, along with “Veidt” logos and other assorted product photos and video downloads for assets to be used in the fan made commercials.

Here are WatchmenComicMovie’s top 5 picks of the best entries and who we think should end up being the winner in no particular order:

*Unaired* Ozymandias Toy Ad

Lot’s of effort went into this ad to make it look like it came from the eighties and it shows. Watch for the hidden smiley face in the kid’s breakfast and the great jingle that goes “Ozymandias - saving humanity from itself.” › Watch Video

Veidt Shoes, The only thing around

These guys get props for pulling off a convincing Max Headroom homage with out violating intellectual property laws. I’m sure Matt Frewer, who created the Max Headroom character, and, coincidentally, is playing Moloch in the Watchmen film, would get a kick out of it. › Watch Video

Real men use VEIDT - Yellow Version

OK, so they pronounce Veidt’s name wrong at the end, so what. This is pure eighties with the Watchmen comic color palette laid on thick. Heck, they even managed to recreate the prop hair spray bottle perfectly. › Watch Video

Veidt Air 1985

Did these guy use real eighties video graphics equipment to get these effects? The ad is just spot on low tech right down to the music. High marks for getting the feel for the decade’s ads. › Watch Video

Veidt Nostalgia “Moon Shot”

Another eighties nod, this time to videos like The Cars’ “You Might Think.” In a sea of black and white Calvin Klein Obsession ad rip offs, this ad really stands out from the pack. › Watch Video

The chosen finalists have already won signed posters from Zack Snyder, however, the top five finalists from user votes will win High-Definition Canon Vixia HG10 camcorders, and up to 20 of Zack’s favorite finalists will win $1000.00, and have a chance to be included in the Watchmen feature film itself.

Head on over to to cast your votes for the best commercial contest finalists.

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