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Watchmen Back In Theaters?

Today in Burbank, California, Warner Bros. hosted a special press event with director Zack Snyder for the upcoming Blu-ray release of the Watchmen Director's Cut this July.

Select press got a closer look at the special features on this highly anticipated Blu-ray release including the new “Maximum Movie Mode” that can only be briefly described as a typical director's commentary on steroids.

As the feature rolls, viewers will see Snyder step in and narrate the choices he made in making his film, watch characters explain their roles, among other additional material. The goal is for fans to be able to seamlessly toggle between viewing the original feature and the extra details in-movie.

But the big news at the event was that Synder confirmed that the Watchmen Director's Cut will be seeing a limited theatrical release in late July the weekend before Comic-Con in Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, and New York.

Now it will only be in one theater in each of these cities so it's safe to assume these showings will be beyond packed and that tickets will be scarce. Oddly enough, Snyder also explained that a new poster has even been designed for this special release.

But even if you don't live in one of these cities, you can still catch some of July's Watchmen fever if you're headed to this year's San Diego Comic Con or have a Blu-ray player connected to the Net. At the event, Zack Snyder will be hosting a special BD Live screening of the movie.

Those who have the Blu-ray version, will be able to play it in their Web-enabled player at the same time as the Comic-Con event and interact with Snyder. The July 25 community screening will be part of a Comic-Con night-time session. Event attendees will be able to watch the film, as well as witness Snyder chatting with BD Live fans elsewhere.

Snyder also finally confirmed the December release of another Blu-ray version where the animated Black Freighter will be cut into the film with even more additional scenes of the two Bernies at the newsstand.

In the following videos from, Snyder discusses the Director's Cut coming to theaters this July…

…and here's Zack talking about his BD live presentation at Comic Con and what to expect to see on the Watchmen Blu-ray release, and the Ultimate DVD release with Black Freighter weaved into the narrative which is slotted for a December release.

6.28.09 Source:, Video Business

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