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Some investigative Internet surfing has revealed some more of the folks who will be working on Watchmen.

First, is you point to musician Noa Lazurus’ Web site, you'll find out that he;s been tasked with composing the music for the recently announced Watchmen “webisodes.”

Lazurus, who has worked in the past on music for the 300 DVD, explained in a blog entry about the “rad music pieces” he was commissioned to create.

The new music passed the screening of director Zack and Production team, also the same team that made the film 300 whose creative project i placed 20 pieces of ancillary music for. The brief has been to be very "out of the box" and dive into the current "rock music" vibe of gen z and y artists that are kickin' it. Look for the much anticipated webisodes on this film upcoming with my composing and continuing until the film's release currently scheduled for March 09'. The first webisode will be up and showing soon.

Fan reaction from Lazurus’ decription of the music style has not been very positive. Some users on this site’s forum felt that a modern rock vibe does not fit the flavor of Watchmen and are concerned that a similar music style my be used by Tyler Bates to score the film. Others remain optimistic and are taking on a “wait and see” position before they voice an opinion.

Next, Sony Pictures ImageWorks was added to the list of effects companies working on the movie. A press release of the effect house’s Web site listed Watchmen as one of the 2009 films they are working on along with some of the lead staffers involved.

Imageworks’ Pete Travers, a longtime fan of the graphic novel, is the film’s visual effects supervisor, with Dan Kramer as the digital effects supervisor, and Kenn McDonald, who most recently worked on BEOWULF, will serve as the animation supervisor.

Some of the other film's they are working on that were mentioned in the release were Eagle Eye starring Shia LaBeouf, Jerry Bruckheimer’s family adventure G-Force, and an untitled Ridley Scott thriller.

7.2.08 Source:, Sony Pictures ImageWorks

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