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Zack Snyder Talks Director’s Cut

Fans have been chiming in on the recently released Watchmen Director's Cut, and their reactions have been positive. If you haven't seen this version yet, what is it that you should expect? In a recent interview, Watchmen director Zack Snyder explained:

Really the Director's cut is the movie. People have been asking me what the deleted scenes are, but I haven't really seen it like that – this is the movie but unfortunately it was the wrong sized movie for theatres so I had to re-do it so that it could be shown. That's the difference and I think the Director's cut is just a better movie, it's more watchmeny if there is such a word.

But some fans have been wary to pick up the Director's Cut on DVD or Blu-ray because of the conformation of an Ultimate Edition which will weave the animated Black Freighter story into the narrative due to hit stores this December. Should fans be prepared for even more double dipping down the road, or is this it?

No. This is everything. Whilst there is an ultimate edition to follow it isn't a cut it's an experiment we wanted to do with The Black Freighter. Whilst filming we shot some stuff with the idea that later on down the line we'd do a huge version of the movie… and it's an interesting experience, especially if you're a fan of the graphic novel.

Now the theatrical cut of the film stemmed from WB telling Snyder that the film needed to be short enough to get the movie into IMAX theaters. That meant 24 minutes of Snyder's vision had to be trimmed from Watchmen. Of all of tat 24 minutes, what did snyder find the hardest to leave on the cutting room floor?

I think the Hollis scene. Once you cut Hollis' death and you start to cut back on the character overall it's a big deal because of what it affects because the whole thing is sort of a house of cards. So that was the hardest thing to do and it works, but it sucks.

All during production of the film, and even in the years proceeding, fans have been voicing their opinions on how a Watchmen film should be made. Several other movie studios even once held the project and there were even some scripts written. As a director, how did Snyder say focused to make sure he was delivering his film and not the studio's or someone else's?

I just tried to let it happen. In the end all the director has is a point of view, if you give up your point of view then you might as well make the movie by asking everyone what they want and no-one wants to see something like that, although I think that unfortunately you do see a lot of those movies. If you get to control what you see then it's like playing a videogame and I think for me, in a motion picture experience I want the director to push things around and be in control.

So now that the Director's Cut has been released, and fans have given it their seal of approval, is Snyder satisfied?

I feel good, especially now people have had the chance to see the Director's cut… a lot of fans who thought the original cut of the movie wasn't what they wanted have said they liked this version and that's cool as they're the hardest ones to please.

If you have not yet seen the new Watchmen Director's Cut, head on over to our DVDs and Blu-ray Discs page and get your hands on a copy today.

8.4.09 Source: Times Online

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