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Get Tickets to SCREAM 2009!

This year, the Watchmen movie is up for a whopping 13 SCREAM Awards. What are the SCREAM Awards you ask?

Well, this 2-hour television extravaganza on Spike TV pays homage to everything that is great about comics, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.

And to complete the whole SCREAM experience, SpikeTV will transform the Greek Theatre in L.A. into audience eye candy, a visually stimulating experience
that will be consistent with the show's edgy theme, full of action, thrills, shocks, and surprises.

And now, you can be a part of this year's awards show! has partnered up with Spike TV to make sure that the biggest and most outrageous Watchmen fans get to be seen and heard at SCREAM 2009 to support the Watchmen movie.

Here are the only requirements necessary to apply for your free tickets to the event:

1. You MUST be in the L.A. area on October 17th, 2009
2. You MUST be dressed in a fantastic Watchmen themed costume
3. You MUST be at least 18 years of age


So, do you meet those requirements? If so, here's what you do to apply for your free SCREAM 2009 tickets:

Send an email to with “2009 Scream: Watchmen Comic Movie” in the subject line. This is critical as submissions from this site will be given some priority — it's the only way they can be sure you're a huge Watchmen fan.

You MUST Include in your email your NAME, AGE, PHONE, CITY/STATE, GUEST NAMES AND AGES (UP to TWO GUESTS), and 1 PHOTO of you in your awesome/outrageous Watchmen themed costume that you will be wearing to the show (1 photo ONLY and make it a small files! Large files will be deleted as will multiple emails).

You will get a response within a week or two conforming if you got tickets. This event is being treated as a closed set , so DO NOT TAKE TICKETS if you cannot stay until the end.

Also, keep in mind that because all seats are on camera, only those that are the BEST DRESSED will get the BEST SEATS, so make sure your costume is awesome, sexy, outrageous or, even better, all three.

The event takes place saturday October 17th at The Greek Theatre at 2700 North Vermont, in Griffith Park Los Angeles. Check in time for all ticket holders is at 4 PM sharp. Parking location information and directions will be given upon being booked.

Now, if you're a Watchmen fan that gets to go to this exclusive event, we here at want you to send us photos and videos of you before, during and after the event. Just email everything to, and if you're lucky, your SCREAM 2009 exploits will be published on this website.

Good luck to everyone!

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