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Watchmen Filming at Vancouver Hospital

Interior and exterior scenes have been shot at past X-Men, Smallville location for several days

Scenes for the upcoming Watchmen movie are currently being filmed at Riverview Hospital in Vancouver. Filming started on October 4th inside the Crease Building, which has been used as the Gilette Manticore base in the TV series Dark Angel.

Located in the town of Coquitlam, the hospital has been used in the past for locations for the television series Smallville and Supernatural as well as movies such as Ghost Ship and X-Men.

It is my guess that the interior scenes they are shooting are the various prison sequences that appear in Alan Moore's graphic novel since the location has been used quite often for asylum and prison locations in the past.

One of the production assistant’s said they’re packing up this evening. Their last set up is for a protest scene to be filmed in front of East Lawn. They had a sign on the building that read “State University” and there was an American flag up. There was also an old painted school bus and some older cars with California license plates.

There is no college protest scene in Alan Moore’s graphic novel, and I’m not aware of one being in any of the recent leaked scripts.


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