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Watchmen November Shooting Locations Revealed

New Westminster auto repair shop and pub will be two of the filming locations used over the next few weeks

A source in New Westminster has provided with information on some shooting locations for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Watchmen film adaptation.

Filming will take place at three locations in the British Columbia city of New Westminster, just east of the production’s Burnaby offices.

The Watchmen crew will begin setting up lights and sets on October 30th through November 1st to prepare for a November 2nd shoot at an “old auto repair shop.”

According to an official document, that was distributed to residents in order to prepare them for the inconvenience of the shoot, filming will be “beginning with scenes inside the location and then moving outside after dark.” This document also shows a map where water towers for “rain effects” will be set up for the exterior shots. The crew will pack up that Saturday morning and return on Monday, November 5th to finish interior shooting.

On Tuesday, November 5th and Wednesday, November 7th, the Watchmen crew will be filming at The Old Terminal Pub, a local bar which has been used before for the television series Supernatural.

This fan can only guess that the “old auto repair shop” is likely to be used as the residence and place of business of retired masked hero Hollis Mason, whose crime fighting alter ego was Nite-Owl I. Hollis Mason will be played in the film by Stephen McHattie.

As far as the the pub is concerned, I assume the interiors will be used as “Happy Harry’s,” a bar in the graphic novel where rogue vigilante Rorschach interrogates customers for information.


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