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New Watchmen Character Banners

Warner Bros. Pictures just debuted the second teaser poster for Watchmen, and mow they have released images of six character banners for the film to six separate Web sites.

The new character artwork was made available on’s Underwire blog (Ozymandias),’s Hero Complex blog (The Comedian),’s PopWatch blog (Doctor Manhattan),’s Lifeline Live blog (Rorschach),’s Splash Page blog (Silk Spectre II) and (Nite-Owl).

All six Watchmen character banner images are available as high resolution downloads on Movie Posters page of this Web site.

Watchmen Ozymandias Banner Watchmen Comedian Banner Watchmen Dr. Manhattan Banner
Watchmen Rorschach Banner Watchmen Silk Spectre II Banner Watchmen Nite Owl II Banner

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