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Watchmen Prequel Details Emerge

Here we go again. It seems that Twitter is all abuzz with more palpable rumors on what we can expect with what most media sources are somewhat erroneously calling “Watchmen 2.”

The hubbub, in case you've been under a rock, is about several new prequel comic mini-series focusing on a few of your favorite masked vigilantes — prequels that Alan Moore is not involved with and certainly does not approve of.

Well, lately the Interwebs are churning up some more chum , so here's a whiff of what's brewing now.

A few days ago, Rich Johnston (the same guy who got this rumor cooking a few weeks ago) dished that Bleeding Cool had…

…been informed quite conclusively from a reliable source at DC Comics that Andy Kubert is drawing one of the four Watchmen prequel miniseries we’ve heard so much about. Taking one of the principle characters from the series and telling a pre-Watchmen tale.

The next day, Johnston explained that one of his "secondary sources" had confirmed that Darwyn Cooke was slated to pen a new Comedian mini-series, and that yet another source told him Cooke and Joe Kubert had lunch during the recent Canadian Fan Expo to talk about collaboration on a Nite Owl mini-series. Specifics on whether the Nite Owl prequel in question relates to Mason, Dreiberg or both was not revealed.

Johnston (who just can't seem to shut up on the subject) also dropped the rumor that Dave Gibbons’ involvement — from the same sources mentioned above — would not be active, but more of a “passive acquiescence.”

Rumor also has it that NYCC was the intended venue to announce this project.

Just today, Jeffrey Renaud of CBR explained that when he asked Darwyn Cooke recently of his supposed involvement in a new Watchmen comics project, the response was “Ah, get out, man. That’s like three years old.” Is that a confirmation or denial? Hurm.

So what about this website and it's sources? Well, all of the contacts I have close to Watchmen wouldn't confirm or deny anything, but one of my most reliable comics industry sources coyly stated, “Looks like is about to experience an upswing in traffic for sure.”

12.5.11 Source: Bleeding Cool, Comic Book Resources

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