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Gibbons Gushes

Watchmen illustrator giddily recounts his experiences on the movie adaptation backlot in second blog entry

What it must be like to be Dave Gibbons visiting the set of the upcoming Watchmen film adaptation and watching his work coming to life around him, and watching those bringing it to life treat it with the respect and admiration that work has earned.

In part two of his blog entry on the official Warner Bros. movie site, Gibbons is like a kid with keys to a candy store:

On the movie backlot, like a sailor on shore leave, I gawp in wonder at a New York City that never really was. Once a Canadian lumber yard, it’s become a complex of American city streets.

At the corner, a Treasure Island store promises a bounty of pulp thrills; down the block, the Gunga Diner beckons, fully fitted out in chrome and purple leather and, over there, the Rumrunner sign looms luridly. Even the austere facade of the Institute For Extraspatial Studies can’t spoil the gaudy fun.

On an upper floor, I spot the windows of the Judomaster Martial Arts Studio. I’m stopped in my tracks. Judomaster? Detail piles on dizzying detail.

Now we’ve seen the Judomaster Martial Arts Studio in some of the earliest photos posted on this Web site, but what's the big deal. Well, Judomaster was the name of one of the original Golden Age Charlton heroes on which the Watchmen characters are loosely based on. WB has also posted, along with this blog entry, a new photo of this set piece. And, yes, finally, absolute confirmation that the Institute For Extraspatial Studies will be included in Snyder’s adaptation, perhaps a hint that fans may be getting the ending we so desperately crave.

Later in his entry, Gibbons recounts some of the scenes he’s watched and experiences he’s had during his brief visit:

I watch footage of Rorschach pulling Nite Owl off a bloodied Knot Top; I flip through an issue of the Black Freighter; on a laptop, I see raw CGI blocking for the Vietnam sequence; I hold a smiley face pin splattered with what looks like real human bean juice; sitting in my own personal director’s chair, I sign dozens of books and posters for cast and crew...

Knot Tops, Vietnam and bean juice — oh, my. Just more nifty details that give us some insight that this movie may very well be something a real fan will want to see.


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