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Directions: Subjects are to answer all questions honestly. Please do not reply to this topic with your answers or share your answers with any other member. Once you answer all of the questions, you are to send me a private message with your answers in order to be graded. Good luck!

Part I – Multiple Choice

1. What is the significance of the reflecting globe to Silk Spectre II’s character?

a. She had always been mesmerized by staring at them, wishing she could be inside.
b. Her mother smashed her favorite one as a child, which made her spiteful of her mother.
c. She was always reflecting on her past, searching the globe for answers ever since she was a child.
d. Her estranged father gave her one as a young girl and then she never saw him again.

2. What is the significance of the Rorschach inkblot test and how it relates to the personality of the character Rorschach?

a. He had been given Rorschach tests as a child, which haunted him.
b. He tended to see things as black and white, just like the tests.
c. He could never understand the point of the test, which filled him with hatred for psychologists.
d. His character was as abstract at the pictures in the test.

3. Why did Dr. Manhattan burn the symbol of a hydrogen atom into his forehead?

a. A compressed hydrogen bomb was what initially vaporized his body.
b. He always had strange dreams relating to hydrogen and the atomic makeup of the element.
c. It is the simplest element on the periodic table, which fascinated him.
d. Once resurrected, his body exhaled hydrogen gas instead of carbon dioxide.

4. Why was Ozymandias’ name in reference to the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses the Great?

a. His character was lavish and egocentric; he believed himself to be of a higher class human than others.
b. He had uncovered evidence that suggested he came from the same bloodline as the famous pharaoh.
c. Ozymandias is an acronym for the characters real name.
d. Ozymandias was his middle name.

5. What symbol appears throughout the book in the foreground and as an Easter egg many times, as well as being associated with The Comedian?

a. The Doomsday Clock
b. A smiley-face badge.
c. The graffiti tag “Who Watches the Watchmen?”
d. The US Flag

Part II – Matching

6-10. Match the real name of each character in Column I with their vigilante nickname in Column II.

Column I
____ 6. Rorschach
____ 7. Nite Owl II
____ 8. Ozymandias
____ 9. The Comedian
____ 10. Nite Owl I

Column II
A. Edward Blake
B. Dan Dreiberg
C. Walter Kovacs
D. Hollis Mason
E. Jon Osterman
F. Adrian Veidt

*** Thank you to all who take this test for me. I know it's going to be easy.

*** Thanks to DD or Curi, whoever locks this up for me.

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