Minutemen and the American War of Independence
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Author:  tbone [ Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Minutemen and the American War of Independence

So, I was sitting in History this afternoon, and we are studying the American war of Independence. Being a UK resident I knew absolutely nothing about this topic, and I find it fascinating. Anyway, to get to the point this is a quote from my history course companion my history teacher gave me:

The committee organised the militia in to 50 man minute companies - minutemen - ready to move in mobile units whenever required

Anyway, this got me thinking that maybe the name "minutemen" has a new meaning in the GN. My initial thoughts are that, the minutemen finished, as the American War of Independence ended, and at the end of the war obviously times had changed, America was no longer part of the British Empire. So I was thinking, that the minutemen had their demise, as the times changed and they weren't needed, they either died, as some of the minutemen would have during the American War of Independence, and the remaining surviving minutemen retired or disbanded, like they would have after the war was won.

HOWEVER: In Watchmen they disband because of personal issues, or because of the Keene Act. I think that here, Moore was trying to say that it was wrong for them to disband, that they would still be needed to protect America, to Protect America from itself. The colonies around New York were royal to the crown during the war, I believe that this is much like Veidt, loyal to his own dreams, loyal to what he wants to achieve, and what he thinks we will achieve. This is much like the New York colonies in the sense that they benefitted from the crown, and so for their own reasons, regardless of the trouble for the rest of America, they decide to keep allegiance with the crown. This is like Veidt, because he lets America suffer, to unite the world. This is similar to NY fighting with the UK as the British had around 1/4 of the world at the time. In other words, NY fought for the crown in a way to unite and protect the empire, even if it destroyed their own country, just like Veidt fights to unite the world, destroying his country.

I admit that this is not a perfect interpretation as Moore changes something into an opposite. He makes New York the epicentre of Veidt's destruction, however it is also arguable that Moore did this to show that NY was the epicentre of the change, clearly there would have been a lot of fighting there if they were crown supporters, and out of this mass destruction came a new united America, just like the destruction of New York in the US leads to a new united world (or that is the aim)

I admit that my argument is pretty crude as my thoughts are muddled, as I just wanted to post whilst it was fresh in my mind. If I got anything wrong I apologise, but ultimately I would love to know if you think the quote I posted gives any new meaning to the Minutemen name, and obviously what that difference is and how it is significant. When I read it I was just like WOW this could be a new dimension to an already deep book, and that is what I love about Watchmen, there is always something new.

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