I played the original World of WarCraft.
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Author:  Sun-chained-in-ink [ Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:49 am ]
Post subject:  I played the original World of WarCraft.

Recently, I purchased an old copy of WarCraft 2 on eBay so that I could play the game again. I played it in the mid 90s when it first came out, and I remember those days fondly. Since the advent of DosBox, I've been able to play a lot of these old games that I used to spend hours and hours on in my early teens, and playing it again got me remembering how insanely into WarCraft 2 my friends and I were.

We went down into this canyon that was near our houses in San Diego, and we would "play" WarCraft down there. Fantasizing, as teenagers will, that we were the characters from the game, battling, "mining" from the lake, etc. We "built" things and gave the "structures" names, like Town Hall, Barracks, Lumber Mill, etc. Remembering back on all that, I ended up going: "Man, we played the ORIGINAL "World of WarCraft" back then." If only we'd had the idea to take it in the direction it was eventually taken.

Did anyone else do these same kind of things with WarCraft before there was a WOW, or other such games? I'm pretty sure many people who were teens around the time of the original DOOM games pretended they were the "DOOM guy."

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