Comic Posters

Looking for images of the original 1986 Watchmen promotional posters? View all of the vintage posters created by DC Comics to hype up the comic’s release right here.

Original 1986 Watchmen Comic Posters

These are high quality images of the actual 1986 DC Comics Watchmen promo posters given to comic book stores to promote the original comic series. Recently, Warner Brothers premiered promotional posters for their upcoming movie adaptation of Watchmen at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con which “borrowed” these original designs.

Rorschach 1986 Watchmen Promo Poster Dr. Manhattan 1986 Watchmen Promo Poster The Comedian 1986 Watchmen Promo Poster
Nite Owl 1986 Watchmen Promo Poster Ozymandias 1986 Watchmen Promo Poster Silk Spectre II 1986 Watchmen Promo Poster

1988 Watchmen Merchandise Promo Poster

Here’s another DC Comics Watchmen promotional poster which advertises all of the 1986 merchandise that was released. The poster promoted the Watchmen watch, t-shirt, hardcover edition, trade paperback, portfolio, and buttons set. For a closer look at some of the items promoted in this poster, check out our Merchandise & Promo Items page.

1988 Watchmen Merchandise Promo Poster