So much has been said about Watchmen. Some call it the “Citizen Kane” of graphic novels. Others say the book is responsible for changing the face of modern comic books.

To date, Watchmen remains the only graphic novel to win a Hugo Award, and is also the only graphic novel to appear on Time Magazine’s 2005 list of “the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present.”

Here is a list of some online analyses, essays, critiques, commentaries and reviews we have found on the Web. If there is a particular article or item that you think we need to include, feel free to send us the link.

Analysis & Criticism


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The Annotated Watchmen

Considered by most to be the “holy grail” of Watchmen notes and observations, this guide outlines details you might have missed within the panels of the graphic novel.

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Watchmen Observations

Berkeley’s Stephen Blatt shares his observations on each chapter of the graphic novel.

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Contributed Notes on Watchmen in General

Some individuals from the University of Baltimore share their Watchmen notes and observations.

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Tales Of The Black Freighter: Marooned (The Reconstruction)

A panel-by-panel reconstruction of the Marooned pirate comic book story taken straight from the pages of the Watchmen graphic novel.

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Watchmen on Toonopedia

This online encyclopedia entry gives an overview of Watchmen and details some of the history behind the borrowed themes from the Golden Age Charleton Comics characters.

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An Analysis of Watchmen: Symmetry and the Tragic Flaw

An essay By Erika Szabo on the use of symmetry in certain panel layouts within several chapters of the graphic novel.


Taking Off the Mask - Watchmen Deconstructed

An essay By Samuel Asher Effron on Watchmen and it's revival and revision of the superhero genre as well as a look at Alan Moore’s philosophy of comics.


Reading Space In Watchmen

In this essay, Dr. Spiros Xenos argues that “that the grammar of Watchmen is a spatial grammar, a place of constituent elements transformed into practised space.”


Panelling Parallax: The Fearful Symmetry of William Blake and Alan Moore

An essay By Roger Whitson that compares and contrasts the minds and philosophies of poet William Blake with that of comics writer Alan Moore.


The Unfilmables

Iain Grey of states his reasons on why the Watchmen graphic novel can never be translated into film.



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