Custom Action Figures

Finally, official Watchmen action figures and prop replicas are being released to cash in on the film adaptation. However, for years fans had been jonesing for Watchmen action figures and toys so much that a many skilled action figure modders gave up waiting for and just decided to make their own. The following are some of the better attempts.

Custom Action Figures

Custom Comedian and Dr. Manhattan Action Figures Custom Rorschach and Nite-Owl Action Figures

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Some toy lovers couldn’t care less if there aren’t any licensed action figures of their favorite heroes and villians, they’ll just lock themselves in their work sheds for a few weeks and make their own.

Custom action figure creation, or “modding” as the cool kids like to call it, consists of pirating parts from existing store bought toys and combining them, sometimes with custom molded and painted pieces, to make new, and never before seen, “frankenstein” action figures.

Custom Watchmen Action Figures

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The Comedian figure shown above is a modified Punisher action figure while the Dr. Manhattan custom job is a transformed DC Direct JLA Superman with a custom sculpted head and chest.

The Rorschach and Nite-Owl figures above come from one “modder” who made all of the lead Watchmen characters (seen in a group photo to the right). He even modified an educational tiger figure to create Ozymandias’ genetically engineered lynx Bubastis. What, no Moloch?

To see more incredible custom action figures, visit the custom section of the Raving Toy Maniac Web site.

Custom Mighty Muggs Figures

Custom Mighty Muggs Dr. Manhattan Custom Mighty Muggs Ozymandias Custom Mighty Muggs Comedian
Custom Mighty Muggs Nite Owl II Custom Mighty Muggs Rorschach Custom Mighty Muggs Walter Kovacs

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In case you’ve never heard of them before, Mighty Muggs are Hasbro Toy’s relatively new, cutesy take on action figures. In fact, soon they’ll even make blank Mighty Muggs so that “modders” can get a leg up on any customs they want to build.

One crafty Watchmen fan that goes by the handle “KSC” has started created his own line of Mighty “Minute” Muggs in the likenesses of our favorite costumed heroes. He starts by sanding down the paint on other Mighty Muggs figures, giving them a coat of white primer, and they paint on the new character designs with acrylic paints.

Rorschach’s hat came from an Indiana Jones figure, while Nite Owl’s cowl was made from a cut up Big Gulp cup. He promises to make more, so as soon as they’re done, I’ll post the photos right here.

Custom Mego Dolls

Custom Watchmen MEGO dolls

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Remember those 12" dolls that were all the rage in the late 60’s and 70’s? Anybody? No? I think I just dated myself. Anyway, before there were action figures, there were action dolls. And one of the biggest manufacturer of these dolls was a toy company by the name of Mego.

What does this have to do with Watchmen? Well a few dedicated fans of the old Mego dolls have refused to grow up, and have made a hobby of modifying old dolls, by taking spare parts to create previously unmade characters.

The photo to the left shows master Mego modder Dave McCormick’s custom Rorschach and Nite-Owl dolls. Dave sculpted the Nite-Owl head over an original Mego head and says that it “came out okay.” I think it came out great. He also states that one day he will “get back to this project and finish the line up.” Um, get going Dave. You don't even need to make clothes for Dr. Manhattan. Learn more about Dave and other Mego customizers at The Mego Museum.

Custom LEGO Figures

Custom Watchmen Lego mini-figures

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LEGO anyone? I don't know much about these custom LEGO figures except for the fact they were created by a LEGO modder named “Erik,” and they look pretty good.

Did you know the name LEGO comes from the Danish “leg godt” which translated means “play well?” Me neither.