Kubricks, Bearbricks & Mez-Itz Toys

They’re like action figures but only cuter. The Kubricks and Bearbricks Watchmen toys take the shape of overgrown Lego figures, while the Watchmen Mez-Itz look something like a cross between a bowling pin and a cupie doll. Regardless, these Watchmen toys, based on the characters from the movie, are not your average action figures.

Watchmen Mez-Itz

Watchmen Metz-Itz Series 1

Mezco Toyz has a new line of Mez-Itz vinyl figures based on the film adaptation of Watchmen in the works!

Watchmen Mez-Itz Series 1 features Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan as you’ve never seen them before, as chunky cute designer vinyl figures. Each Watchmen Mez-Itz stands 6 inches tall and can be pre-ordered as a two figure set for $21.99.

These Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan Mez-Itz vinyl figures are expected to start showing up in retail locations worldwide sometime in June 2010.

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Watchmen Kubricks

Watchmen Kubricks

Medicom Toy Corporation, which also manufactures the Watchmen Bearbricks listed below, brings you the Watchmen Kubricks. These figures are very much like Lego figures only twice the size and with more detail and accessories.

Each Watchmen Kubricks figure stands approximately 2" tall and has multiple points of articulation.

The Comedian Kubricks comes with two pistols that he can hold in his hands or in his dual holsters, and the Rorschach Kubricks comes with his grappling gun. has these little guys in three figure sets.

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Watchmen Bearbricks

Watchmen Bearbricks

Medicom Toy Corporation offers up their Watchmen Bearbricks in two sets.

Watchmen Bearbricks Set A includes The Comedian, Nite Owl II and Ozymandias.

Watchmen Bearbricks Set B includes Doctor Manhattan, Rorschach and Silk Spectre II.

The Watchmen Bearbricks are similar to the Kubricks, only just more… ummm… bear-like.

Like their less-beary counterparts, the Watchmen Bearbricks figures stand approximately 2" tall and have multiple points of articulation.

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Watchmen Bearbrick 400/100 Percent Set

Watchmen Bearbrick 400/100 Percent Set

This limited edition Watchmen Bearbrick 400/100 Percent Set was only available in Japan, however some U.S. based online stores may have a few left.

Each Bearbrick figure — one at 100% scale, its mate at 400% scale — features a unique design based on the story's iconic logo and memorable blood-splattered smiley face.

The front of each is pure yellow, with the phrase “The End is Nigh” on its chest and the blood splatter marring its face. The back is pure black, with the word “Watchmen” running vertically to match the front cover of the best-selling graphic novel.

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